Aesthetic Teeth

Aesthetic Teeth

n dental aesthetic, zirconium is the highest quality material which uses. Every day by going forward in aesthetic dentistry science, the metal is removed from the porcelain structures and replaced by zirconium as it  has all the desired properties like natural appearance…

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Aesthetic Teeth

Aesthetic Teeth

Zirconium Porcelain

In dental aesthetic, zirconium is the highest quality material which uses.

Every day by going forward in aesthetic dentistry science, the metal is removed from the porcelain structures and replaced by zirconium as it has all the desired properties like natural appearance, aesthetic and mechanical resistance, and beautiful White appearance.

The zirconium porcelains are very aesthetic to use in front teeth and it is safe to use in back teeth. It increases the quality of people life with having a beautiful and attractive smile.

Aesthetic Fillings

Having beautiful teeth makes everybody feel more confident. Due to the connection properties to the teeth, there is no need to remove excess material from the tooth to provide a restraint, as in amalgam fillings; it is enough to remove the rot. Composite fillers after preparation are placed on a layer of film and each layer is cured with a special light. After this process, the composite fillings are shaped and corrected according to the tooth.

In the 1960s they were successfully applied only to the rear teeth as a filling material that is resistant to chewing pressure, and less wearable, after that they are used in the front teeth by further development of the material.

Composites can be used not only for restoring caries but also for cosmetic effects by changing the color and shape of the teeth. The most important disadvantages are the sensitivity after a while. The colors of the fillings can also be changed slightly with dyes such as coffee, tea …

Contrary to amalgam restorations, composite fillings are completed in one session. After treatment, the patient can use his teeth normally.

Implant Dental

Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed in the jawbone with the aim of fulfilling aesthetics and functions in partial or complete tooth deficiencies.

This treatment option is applied to millions of people over the world who are over 40 years old.

Historically, teeth, wooden pieces, elephant teeth, dried bone,  gold … have been used as implants. The earliest knowledge of dental implants is found in the medical treatments of the  Chinese Empire in 326 BC. Today’s implants are now being developed on the basis of biological and biomechanical principles with the latest technological advances and their success has been proven. The five-year success rate in the literature is reported as 98%.

The mention of dental implants as a treatment option is an alternative to other methods. According to traditional dental treatments, the advantages of implant treatment are briefly as follows; removes the necessity of cutting healthy neighbor teeth in bridge restorations, helps to protect the jaw structure and bone texture, enables fixed treatment instead of moving, provides full retention of moving full dentures.

Whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the implant will be evident in the result of the detailed examination of the doctor. The first session, the systemic story is taken, an oral examination and a radiological examination is performed.

In addition, planning is done by considering many criteria. An ideal implant patient is generally the one with an anatomically adequate bone under the control of the systemic condition and conscious of the treatment.

At the operating stage, the implants are placed under aseptic conditions under local (regional) anesthesia applied to the patient during normal tooth extraction. Then routine surgical procedures are performed. The implant fusion time to the bone is 3-5 months on average, which may vary from case to case. Following the fusion period, operations like a normal prosthesis continuity and the patient get new teeth.

In conclusion, implant dental is the perfect treatment option that can serve as a lifelong individual with the choice of appropriate patients, the practice of equipped doctors and good patient care, and is the top point in contemporary dental practice.

Lamine Teeth

They are porcelain leaves that stick to the front of the teeth. This is because there is very little tissue removed from the tooth for the veneers to be made.

It is sufficient to remove the dental tissue by an average of 0,3-0,7 mm. They are very aesthetically very successful due to their very thin and metal-free properties. Laminate veneers have a unique ability to allow the light to pass through, making the teeth which applied by laminate veneers to seem completely real.

The treatment process is very short. At the first examination, a measure is taken from the patient without cutting the teeth. With this model, mock-up (rehearsal work) application is made from a special material in the laboratory.

The doctor and the patient have a chance to reach consensus on this 3D model.

Then the teeth are prepared by a short and painless process, in according to the measurement is taken.

Plastic temporary veneers made in the form and length agreed by you and your doctor are glued. These are also important in terms of protecting your teeth as well as porcelain veneers.

The alignment of the teeth with the face is checked, the necessary smear and the ideal smile suitable for the face are determined with the adders. Porcelain veneers are prepared according to this model in the laboratory and they are glued with a special application.


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