Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Breasts are very important organs in terms of femininity figure and a woman’s perception of her body image. Small and problematic breasts always disturb the woman’s subconscious. With small breasts, even wearing a dress befittingly becomes a problem. In short, breast is the most important part of the body that makes a woman […]

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breasts are very important organs in terms of femininity figure and a woman’s perception of her body image. Small and problematic breasts always disturb the woman’s subconscious. With small breasts, even wearing a dress befittingly becomes a problem. In short, breast is the most important part of the body that makes a woman a real woman both spiritually and physically.

Today’s implant technology has quite developed. The implants that could give mimic of natural woman’s breasts. Among the implants, Silicone drop is the popularly known one. The outer surfaces of implants can be smooth or textured. Implants with a silicone structure are produced under extremely hygienic and special conditions. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of such materials. Silicone is an entirely natural element available in nature. It exists in the beach sand and natural crystal’s structure, which is referred as quartz. They are added to the structures of many products from stainless steel to baby food. Silicates are the integral building blocks of the human connective tissue. İmplants medically placed into the body are the area where silicone-based materials are used the most intensively. For example, heart valves contain silicone.

Am I an Eligible Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

  • If you have one or more of the followings, you can decide to have a mammoplasty. The smallness of breasts causing a problem in terms of the perception of body and self-confidence.
  • The disproportion between the hip width and breasts.
  • Disproportion and difficulty encountered when wearing clothes and special clothes such as bikini.
  • Postpartum breast shrinkage, sagging breasts, and loose breasts.
  • Breast shrinkage and deformities after gaining weight and the loosing.
  • The asymmetry between the two breasts; for example, one breast is big and the other one is small.

How is Breast Augmentation Procedure Carried Out?

Implants used for breast augmentation are placed into the body primarily through 4 ways;

Through an incision made under the breast

Through an incision made around the nipple

Through an incision made in the armpit

Through an incision made in the belly-button

Among these, the belly-button is rarely used because it does not give considerably good results. Breast implants are placed primarily into the two main parts of the body;

Subpectoral — Under the pectoral muscles

Subglandular — On the pectoral muscles.

It is determinative for the individual characteristics and preferences. The size of the breast and the place to where the implant will be placed (under or on the pectoral muscles) are determined after the patient-physician consultation and the patient’s examination. At that stage, you should discuss with your doctor the size that you want and for what purpose you want the operation. I definitely consider all the body proportions and attach importance to the waist girth, hip width, and breast.

Advantages of the Breast Augmentation Procedure

  • Enables the breast to look fuller and increases its attractiveness
  • Enlarges the size of the breast
  • Eliminates asymmetry, if there is any
  • Eliminates sagging in the breast, if there is any
  • Corrects the proportion of the breast to the other parts of the body
  • Re-provides the compatibility of clothes fit
  • Re-provides self-confidence

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Most of the time silicon-based implants or medical filling materials or fat injection, which you can read more about in Fat Transfer to Breast topic, are used for breast augmentation. If you also have apparent sagging problem in your breasts, it is not possible to have the desired aesthetic look solely with breast augmentation operation. Therefore, breast augmentation operations are mostly performed in combination with breast lift operation for patients with sagging problem.

In Estetik International clinics, we perform breast augmentation operations under epidural anesthesia by achieving partial numbness in order to provide our patients with the most comfortable recovery period. Epidural anesthesia provides many advantages to our patients during the recovery period; the process is highly comfortable as there is no pain both during the operation and in the recovery period. Technological equipment and used materials all provide operations that are much more comfortable and leave much less scar. We place the prosthesis used in breast augmentation operations under the breast muscle tissue with the dual plane technique. With this technique, our patients still feel a lot less pain and we aim to complete the process with fewer incisions. This technique also provides the most natural and comfortable breast augmentation operation.

The dual plane technique that we just mentioned helps us to place the prosthesis by making very few incisions. In breast augmentation operations, we often make incisions under the breast, hiding in the fold line. The implant to be used is placed in the breast from this area. The size of the incision is about 3 cm, and the scar gradually fades and becomes obscure. The incision suture is less than 3 cm in size, 2-2.5 cm on average. As it stands, it does not appear when you wear any decolette or swimming outfit.

The implantation sites of the used implants are usually under the arm, under the breast or nipple. According to our experience, placing under the arm brings asymmetry problems, although it provides advantages in terms of scar visibility. If implantation is done by incision from the tip of the breast, sometimes it can cause numbness problem. For this reason, in our Estetik International clinics, we perform breast augmentation by placing implants mostly at the folding line under the breast.

Silicone implants used for breast augmentation are a derivative that does not harm the patient’s health and used as a raw material in many drugs. We usually prefer to use all silicone implants when choosing an implant. We do not use it because the implant applications inflated with the physiological saline after being placed in the breast tissue leaks over time and the material used is less durable and aging time is quicker.

The benefits of breast augmentation operations performed under epidural anesthesia are most felt during the recovery period. As the patient is always conscious, and given sedatives, the healing period is completed without any pain. At a speed that varies according to the environment, you can recover within 1 week, return to your daily life and work. Your breasts will now make you smile in every dress you wear with the most aesthetically shaped decolette.

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