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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to get the visa to come to Turkey?
  • In according to your nationality you need to have the passport (30-90 days) or different kinds of visa to enter Turkey (visit your local Post Office).

  • How long maximum before I can book my surgery?
  • As our surgeons are busy with surgeries in different cities and countries it would be better maximum 1 week before booking your surgery.

  • For how long should I stay in Turkey?
  • It relies totally on your surgery and will be between 3-15 days. We will give you full information before coming.

  • Do I need to bring somebody to take care of me?
  • As soon as you come out from the plane, our assistants, nurses and doctors, who are assigned by you, take care of you and you can always reach them, but if you want you can bring someone with you.

  • Would you accept any payment plan?
  • We don’t accept any payment plan, and you should pay all before surgery.

  • If there will be any complication what will you support?
  • In according to our doctors’ experience and our satisfaction more than 97% no any complication we wait for but as you know it is healthcare system and we cannot guarantee anything 100%. Our doctors’ experience shows 0 complications after the surgery. But always we will be beside you and if anything happened we will help you. If you need second fixation operation we just charge you the small amount as hospital charge.

  • Do I need to pay extra for my hospital pre-tests?
  • No, All your hospital tests and hospitalization and hospital medication will be included in your package. Just you will pay for your medicine prescription after discharge from the hospital.

  • Do you accept any insurance?
  • In some cases, we can help you.