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Breast Implants

Breast enlargement is the name given to the operation of the women breasts with small ones by the prostheses helpless, which are also called silicone implants. Every woman wants to be beautiful, beautiful women who do not want to have breasts is unimaginable. Sometimes breast size will be decreased because of gaining and losing weight […]

Breast enlargement is the name given to the operation of the women breasts with small ones by the prostheses helpless, which are also called silicone implants.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, beautiful women who do not want to have breasts is unimaginable. Sometimes breast size will be decreased because of gaining and losing weight or after pregnancy becomes bigger and after breastfeeding will drop down. In such cases, breast enlargement surgery should be performed to obtain larger, fuller, more aesthetically and beautiful breasts. It must be remembered that every woman deserves a beautiful pair of breasts. It is possible to have beautiful breasts with breast aesthetics.

In what cases is breast augmentation surgery performed?

Breast enlargement surgery is performed in women who think that their breasts are small, to correct the disproportion in the body lines, especially in the hip-breast ratio.

To correct the loss of breast volume after pregnancy (In some cases the breast may be sagging. In this case, breast lifting-collection surgery may also need to be done.)

Breast augmentation to provide breast-sized symmetry: In most women, the breasts are not symmetrical. If this situation is very significant, the breast should be enlarged.

To regenerate the breast in various situations (eg after breast cancer surgery, lack of congenital breast enlargement).

Breast implants (prostheses) placed for medical or cosmetic reasons must be replaced because of aging, loss of property or distress in the area.

Breast Augmentation for Proportional Body Lines

The perception of beauty has changed throughout the ages. If you look at the tables 100 years ago, you will see pictures of chubby and naked women. In those years a little weak woman was considered ugly and diseased. Even today, the zero bodies for everyone who fainted almost looked dead with eyes.

Today, however, beauty and perception are completely different. I don’t need to describe the concept of beauty today. The subject I want to focus on is the proportional body lines. Every woman wants to feel good. Moreover, this is the right. It is possible to correct this ratio by balancing the breast enlargement surgery. There are many women breast augmentation surgeries to get a certain breast prosthesis to fit the hip and shoulder dimensions and the subtle waist.

Breast augmentation is not a mandatory operation in terms of health. However, if we examine the definition of health; we are not only the body but also spiritually and socially is a good state of well-being. We can say that the definition of health isn’t exactly fulfilled in people who feel themselves lacking spiritually by attaching their small breasts to their head and social self-restraint. In this case, a mandatory surgery is acceptable. But ultimately it is not necessary for physical health.

What are the types of silicone breast prostheses?

Breast prostheses used for breast enlargement and also known as breast silicone are subjected to some distinctions in terms of shape, content and surface structure. We can sort these out.

1) Anatomical prosthesis

Round prosthesis

The horizontal and vertical base diameters of the round dentures are equal. In drip prostheses, the vertical diameter is slightly longer than the horizontal diameter and the height of the prosthesis is higher than the upper pole in the lower pole. The reason it is called anatomically is that it is more similar to the shape of the breast.

2) Silicone

Saline with saline content

According to its content, there are prostheses filled with silicone gel and physiological serum, ie prostheses filled with physiological saline. These include silicone gel or physiological serum in the solid envelope.

3) Cracked surface

Flat Surface

When the surface structure is examined, the prostheses are divided into two groups as a flat and rough prosthesis. It was found that capsule formation was less in the vicinity of flat surfaces than the flat surfaces.

Are the prostheses used in breast enlargement surgery safe?

Most recently, FDA has found that breast-bearing breast implants after intensive clinical trials do not lead to any disease or cancer. As of November 17, 2006, it has been announced that it can be used in all kinds of aesthetic initiatives and to release its usage to the whole world and to eliminate the prejudices against the silicone implants.

Breast ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging are used for breast prosthesis in patients with a breast prosthesis. Nowadays, the number of women with breast prosthesis increases and some radiological centers can also be applied to silicone breasts.

Do you have an allergy to breast silicone?

Breast silicone, polishes, sun and hand creams, antiperspirant deodorants, soaps, processed foods, waterproof coatings, and chewing gum are among the many substances we use in daily life. It is a very used substance in cosmetics and food industry. Breast silicone is one of the most adaptable to the body. Therefore allergy to this substance is extremely rare.

Where is the breast prosthesis placed?

In order to place a prosthesis for breast augmentation (breast) surgery, we have 4 different incision areas. These are underarm, nipple, breast and belly incisions. Each breast prosthesis silicone has its advantages and weaknesses. The incision around the nipple can be healed with a very small scar on the area around the brown part, which is called Isola, but it may be technically necessary to interrupt the milk ducts. As there is no damage to the mammary gland and milk channels in the breast incision; healing occurs with a vague scar on the breast. If there are anomalies at the site of the breast in the breast wall, this can be easily corrected.

There is no incision on the breast under the armpit incision and under the armpit interference. Under the armpit and belly incisions, usually, the prosthesis is placed endoscopically. Although the scars are prominent in the early period after breast surgery, they become increasingly faded and unclear over time. Through these incisions, a pocket of the appropriate size is prepared in the planes under the mammary gland or the chest muscle, and the prosthesis is placed in this pocket.

How is the size of breast prosthesis decided?

The size of the prosthesis to be made according to the patient’s height, shoulder width, sag rate, chest width, and the patient’s wishes. The size of the permanent prosthesis is decided by comparison with the measurement prostheses of various sizes during breast augmentation surgery. In fact, the most important criteria when deciding the size of the prosthesis is the patient’s desire.

Is the breast silicone or not?

It is not easy to understand whether the breast is silicone or not. Because, especially in the late-term silicones are almost like breast tissue, one who does not know cannot distinguish the silicon by touching. While the breast enlargement, the majority wants to come to the natural size is not understood. However, if you want to have a large silicone compared to the body of those who want to be suspected maybe. She needs a bikini.

The recovery process after silicone surgery

Silicone surgery lasts about 1 hour. You are allowed to go home by performing discharge procedures on the day of surgery or the next day. The first two days should be passed by resting. During this period, you may have different complaints depending on whether the prosthesis is placed behind the muscle or in front of the muscle. Pain is not much, but a feeling of fullness may disturb for a few days. There is some swelling in the first two days. We call it edema after breast aesthetics. Pain in the prostheses placed behind the muscle increases with arm movements. This situation is limited to the first days. In the first two days, the swelling begins to decrease after the third day. Arm and body relax. On the following day of your surgery, leave a skin tape just to keep the silicone. No other dressings are made. On top of that, you wear a sports bra directly. On the third day, you can take a shower without removing this tape. On the 14th day, we remove this tape from you. We start the trailing treatment. After surgery, the breast to be used for a month with the athlete’s bra.


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