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Face lift When should a facelift be performed? The msot effective and permanent result is facelift surgery as after 50 years old face skin will be sagged and it needs to lift up to make younger appearance. The skin irregularities, especially in the jawline and neck area, are quite disturbing in the skin of the […]

Face lift

When should a facelift be performed?

The msot effective and permanent result is facelift surgery as after 50 years old face skin will be sagged and it needs to lift up to make younger appearance. The skin irregularities, especially in the jawline and neck area, are quite disturbing in the skin of the forehead.

What are we doing in facelift surgery?

If we simply describe procedure during facelift surgery; the face structure is muscle, fat, and nerve tissue, will be corrected the sagging face and the abundance of the skin is taken to the appropriate extent. At the same time, signs of old age on the upper and lower eyelid can be corrected. In this region, the skin intake and displaced fats are transported to the appropriate place and the excess is taken. In addition, after 60 years old, sagging occurs in the neck area. During the facelift surgery, the neck muscle can also be lifted up. The extra skin can be removed in an appropriate manner. In patients with excess weight, liposuction may be required from the neck.

What should be considered before facelift surgery?

Aspirin, vitamin E-like medicines, and herbal tea should be discontinued before the facelift surgery. Smoking is particularly delayed in facial stretching and wound healing. Smoking should be decreased 3 weeks before surgery.

Details of facelift surgery

The incision will creat 3-4 cm under the hair and around of ears and extra skin will remove from these parts and the muscles will be hanged up and these places will be closed with special sutures. Thus, skin abundance in the temple, cheek and chin region is eliminated. The depth of the laughing lines at the rim decreases. Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. During the facelift, eyelid aesthetics and neck stretching can be performed. Therefore, the operation time may vary from 4 to 7 hours.

Is there a marked scar after facelift surgery?

Usually, one big bandage around head will be used fort he first day after the surgery. The trace is invisible because the top and bottom part is between the scalp. The around of the ears are also unclear.

What should be considered after facelift surgery?

One day after the operation, the drain is removed from the ear to prevent the collection of fluids in the area. Post-surgery ice application accelerates the healing process. Ptient is discharged on the second day. The sutures on face and eyelids and metal sutures are removed in 1 week. Baths can be done 4 days after surgery. It is normal to have a numbness in a few weeks. For at least four weeks, avoid heavy exercises such as heavy household work. Swelling and bruises disappear in 1 month. Usually, return to work at the 2nd week.

What is Mini Face Lift?

If the surgical incision is done only in front of the ear and the stretching is reduced, we call it a mini facelift surgery. The advantage of this surgery is to reduce the scarring and to accelerate healing by performing a smaller operation. This procedure is preferred in patients who have no skin abundance in the jaw region between 40 and 50 years of age.

What are the risks of facelift surgery?

Hemorrhage: With the special medications we infiltrate into the region, the risk of postoperative bleeding is generally low. In addition, the thin drain in this area also reduces this risk. However, this risk exists in patients with hypertension. Subcutaneous accumulation of blood can be easily removed. Bleeding under the skin may delay healing and result in poor scarring. For this reason, it is very important that the tension is controlled and the aspirin-like medications that increase the bleeding should be avoided 1 week in advance.

Infection: The face is a very well-blooded area. Therefore, the risk of infection is very small. This risk is reduced to a lesser extent by the protective antibiotherapy we have applied before and after the surgery. In rare cases, if the infection develops, additional antibiotic therapy and dressing may be required.

Poor traces: Genetic traits, infections, or smoking may be caused by skin loss. Additional treatments may be required for these scars.

Nerve damage: During the facelift operation, the nerves may be damaged. There may be weakness or loss of facial movements after facelift operation. Nerve damage can cause temporary or permanent loss of movement and sensation in the face. This type of damage can improve over time. Damage to the sensory nerves of the face, neck, and ear may cause temporary or permanent numbness. The painful nerve is very rare.

Hair loss: Hair loss may occur in areas where the skin is pulled up during the facelift. Whether this will happen is not known in advance.

Long-term effects: As a result of aging, weight gain or loss, sunshine, and some other conditions, there may be changes in the percentage following them. Facelift surgery does not stop aging, nor does it continually provide the tension of the face and neck. New surgeries and treatments may be required in the future to maintain the results of facelift surgery.

Should I have a facelift surgery again?

Facelift surgery does not stop aging. Surgical tension is not permanent. Your facial skin will continue to age. 15-20 years later, you might want to have one more facelift surgery. On the other hand, the effects of facelift surgery continue; years later, you will continue to look better than when you didn’t have facelift surgery.

Facelift surgery costs

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