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Genital Warts (Condyloma)

This is a viral disease that is seen due to human papilloma virus (HPV) and that might result in warts (condyloma) in the genital areas of both male and female individuals. These warts look like cauli and are painless organisms with miscellaneous dimensions. Genital wart is a disease that is observed in 1% of the […]

This is a viral disease that is seen due to human papilloma virus (HPV) and that might result in warts (condyloma) in the genital areas of both male and female individuals. These warts look like cauli and are painless organisms with miscellaneous dimensions.
Genital wart is a disease that is observed in 1% of the society in the U.S.A. and around the ages of 20-30 most commonly. The rate increases more and more in turkey everyday. Genital wart diagnosed in male individuals are very significant in terms of community health care and must be treated.


Incubation Period
Incubation period of this disease varies. Symptoms might be seen months or years after the contact with the virus. Sometimes the virus might remain as a conductor without showing any symptoms..

How is it transmitted?
• It is sexually transmitted. It might be transmitted without a complete sexual intercourse since it is transmitted through dermal contact.
• Contact with the virus is an important aspect. An individual with genital warts might transmit the virus to other parts of his/her body by touching or itching the warts.
• The virus might spread to other areas while shaving the genital area. Therefore, warts that were a few before might become much more by spreading fast around the area.

What are the HPV Types seen in male individuals?
There are over 70 types of HPVs discovered and 30 of these are mostly seen on anogenital area..
While the genital warts seen in male individuals are 80-90% HPV Type 6 and 11 and very little of them are carcinogenic types, asymptomatic lesions are reported to have carcinogenic HPV subtypes (type 16 and 18).

Where and how the genital warts are seen?



In males, lesions on genital area are typically between 2-10 mm in diameter. They are seen mostly on preputium (foreskin), frenulum (sensitive area right under the penile glans), mons pubis (seen in the figure), coronal sulcus (sulcus on the penile glans), scrotum, groins and anus. It’s rarely seen on urethra (urethra and bladder (urinary bladder)). In female individuals, it might occur on vulva, cervico, within vagina, urethra (bladder) and anus.
Patients with genital warts complain about papilla and grits on their skin. It resembles a cauli, and is typically a springy and soft mass.




Genital warts in male patients must definitely be treated. The most common and best method to do this is burning the warts..
In the burning operation, warts are generally burnt with electrocautery, leep (loop electrosurgical exicion procedure) or laser (I personally prefer laser usually; repetition rate is much less then other types of operations for condyloma) depending on the doctor’s choice.

Cryotherapy (freezing) may also be used to treat condyloma. In this procedure, lesion and the surrounding area is frozen with liquid nitrogene

Condyloma which is big in terms of dimensions can be removed surgically (removal of lesions with the help of bisturi).

Among the types of HPV treatments for male individuals, burning is the best option where the possibility of repetition is the least (cauterization of condyloma with laser).

Is follow-up required after the treatment? 
Genital warts may repeat even after a full treatment. Periodic examinations would be required to monitor the possibility for new warts after the treatment (the patient might also check his/her genital area every now and then).

In female patients, smear should be applied due to the risk of cervical cancer..

Protection against HPV; 
The best way to protect yourself from genital warts is to avoid sexual encounter with the persons who have the risk of having STIs (persons with multiple sexual partners).
If you have genital warts, please inform your partner about the situation and see your doctor for thorough examination. .

Do condoms protect against the virus? 
Use of condoms during sexual intercourse would lower the risk of getting condyloma, however, wouldn’t prevent it completely. Since condoms only cover the penis, bottom of the penis would be open for contact and transmission would be possible..

Genital Warts and Its Psychological Effects 
In the cases where genital warts aren’t treated or repeat, psychological problems may occur. Eventually, since the stress of the patient as in any viral diseases would suppress the immune system, activation and spreading or repetition of the virus might be the case. And this leads to a vicious cycle..

In order to suppress the virus and prevent it from spreading, having a healthy, functioning immune system is important. Therefore, the persons with genital warts should eat properly, be away from stress, and quit smoking. For immunomodulation (enhancing the immune system), local creams (IMOKIMODE), medications (interferons) medications including required vitamins would be used..


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