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Mommy Makeover

Maternity aesthetics is the restoration of the body deformations that may occur in women after birth, in one session and reinstating the body. Although there are different problems in each woman, sagging in the abdominal region, the loss of the volume of the breasts and the expansion of the basins are the most significant problems.

What is Mommy Makeover?
Maternity aesthetics is the restoration of the body deformations that may occur in women after birth, in one session and reinstating the body. Although there are different problems in each woman, sagging in the abdominal region, the loss of the volume of the breasts and the expansion of the basins are the most significant problems.

The effect of hormonal changes during pregnancy is mostly observed in the abdomen and breasts. The process that leads to the bombing of the abdominal wall and perhaps creates irreversible effects begins with the baby’s growth and pushing the abdominal wall forward. As a result of the abdominal muscles loosening and the ligaments that connect them, undesirable problems such as a protruding abdomen and loosened skin are faced. After the birth, if there is only dumping, the problem can be solved without leaving any traces on the abdominal wall with the endoscopic application. If more serious problems have occurred, the abdomen is taken back to the rest of the region by taking the skin excesses.

Depending on the age factor and the elasticity of the person skin during and after pregnancy, the breast loss and sagging can be seen. In the operation, if only the breast shaping process is done, breast tissue is not taken, only the nipples are shaped and the abundant parts of the skin are removed. If there is a redundancy in the breast tissue, the breast can be reduced as needed. If the breast tissue volume is insufficient, breast enlargement surgery with silicone breast prosthesis is performed during breast lift operation.

Fat accumulation during pregnancy, especially in the basin, the inner leg of those seen in areas such as diet and exercises cannot be a good solution. Liposuction is the ideal method to remove these fat deposits and provide the body with its natural appearance.

Mommy Makeover is applied to women who have deformed their body during and after childbirth and want to get back to their old appearance quickly. It is an ideal method especially for women who have given more than one birth. Especially in women who have more than one birth, the more stubborn fat stubbornly adheres to the body. However, surgery is not performed immediately after delivery. Women who will have these operations will have completed the period of breastfeeding, and in some cases, they should have passed six months after the breastfeeding period.

Maternity aesthetics are usually done to women who do not intend to give birth. In the case of correct operation by the right physicians, the milk channels under the nipple are not touched. In addition, after the operation, some pregnant women and the abdomen loosening can be seen in the pregnant women any deformations which were seen before aesthetics.

Risks and Complications After Mommy Makeover
The primary goal of maternity aesthetics is to ensure that women return to their natural body structure before birth. In accordance with this goal, the operations are performed according to the information of the body. While some of the women are performed only for the tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, and vaginoplasty surgeries are seen together. In this case, women should take into consideration the opinion of specialist doctors on this issue rather than their wishes and decide accordingly. However, the necessary time after delivery should be expected in order for the whole process to function properly. In other words, the breastfeeding period should be finished, the breasts should reach the old size. If the required time is not expected, the operation cannot fully eliminate the deformation of the body and it should be considered that it will only have a short-term effect. It is also important that women decide if they want to get pregnant again. Although it will never return to the state before birth, sags, and cracks can be seen according to the structure of the body when it comes to a pregnancy again. The most important thing is to perform breast surgery without damaging the milk vessels for women who may become pregnant again. This issue is very important in the surgeries performed by specialist doctors and necessary precautions are taken.

Cases that need to be considered before and after Mommy Makeover
It is seen that patients are able to return to their homes after a two-day hospital stays in order to be able to perform aesthetic surgeries frequently and to specialize in this field. However, because there is a more specific situation, the situations that need to be considered are becoming more sensitive. If you need to examine the conditions that need attention before and after the maternity aesthetics:
• The mother must have completed the breastfeeding period for surgery and should have waited the necessary time.
• Whether the mother has undergone surgical intervention or not before and if she has had more than one delivery is important in these operations and it is important that she speaks with her doctor in detail.
• Since the operations to be performed can be changed in every woman, women should speak to their doctor before the operations. Considering that his doctor considers not only the regional but the whole body aesthetics on this issue, decisions must be made in line with his recommendations.
• Depending on the plastic surgery, the patient may return home two days after. However, it takes two weeks for the patient to return to his daily routine of life for a week to begin non-exhausting work. It is important for the mother to be aware of these processes before the surgery and to take measures for this.
• In order to make the procedures performed postoperatively and get better results, the patient should wear a corset and supportive bra for up to three weeks according to the operation.
• After the operation, a healthy program with a dietitian will be the main contributor to the protection of the form.


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