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Otoplasty Otoplasty is the operation performed to correct the appearance of the auricle. With an otoplasty operation, an overtly visible ear-piece can be corrected, also called a scoop ear, as well as an intact or disfigured ear pin and earlobe due to congenital or trauma-like reasons. Scoop ear, especially in childhood, causes social and psychological […]


Otoplasty is the operation performed to correct the appearance of the auricle. With an otoplasty operation, an overtly visible ear-piece can be corrected, also called a scoop ear, as well as an intact or disfigured ear pin and earlobe due to congenital or trauma-like reasons. Scoop ear, especially in childhood, causes social and psychological negativity. Children who enter into social environments such as nursery, nest, school as they grow up can be exposed to brutal reactions and criticism due to the appearance of their ears. Being ridiculed in friends can cause problems in exclusion, self-confidence and personality development; it may cause communication disorders, school failure and a decrease in self-confidence. Therefore, it is generally accepted that the best time for otoplasty operations is preschool. Adults may need otoplasty surgery in order to get rid of a view that can be perceived as a disadvantage in social environments, to collect their hair on their ears or to be able to shortcut them easily. Otoplasty is a facial plastic surgery that is frequently performed. It can be performed under general or local anaesthesia with daily surgery or a short hospital stay.

Short Anatomy

The auricle consists of a thin soft tissue and skin-covered cartilage. At the age of five, the auricle completes its development. However, the content of cartilage continues to change over the years. The cartilage, which has a softer and foldable structure in young children, becomes harder in older people. The unique shape of the auricle is the result of many folds during the development of the womb. If some of these folds are not fully developed, the earbuds occur. As with all other facial structures, one ear is not exactly like the other. The aim of surgery is to ensure that the ears are less pronounced, similar in appearance and more natural.

Preoperative Evaluation

Preoperative evaluations, surgical technique, and postoperative recommendations may differ between surgeons. The best pre-operative preparation can be achieved through a friendly interview where all questions will be answered. Your doctor should understand your expectations and wishes. What can be achieved by surgery in a clear and realistic way; Asking and learning how the ear will look after the surgery will help you determine your expectations from this surgery. It is very important to determine the time of otoplasty surgery for children. It is not recommended to perform otoplasty before the age of five. However, if the surgery is delayed for too long, the child can grow with psychological problems.

Quality photographs should be taken in order to provide guidance in the pre-operative interview, to offer a comparison to the surgeon during the surgery and to compare the results obtained after the surgery. If the surgery is planned to be performed with general anaesthesia, a separate interview should be held between the patient or his relatives and the anaesthesiologist.


There are many different surgical techniques to fix the bucket ear. In children or young patients, the cartilage can be made with shaping sutures because of the greater flexibility. To give the cartilage the desired shape, certain areas can be folded and weakened by thinning; can be removed if there is excess cartilage or soft tissue. Regardless of the technique applied, an incision from the back of the ear is made. This incision is closed with the appropriate suture materials chosen, taking into consideration the aesthetic results and the durability. At the end of the surgery, the dressing is carried out to apply a slight pressure on the newly formed toe.


As with surgical techniques, each surgeon may have different postoperative applications as a result of his or her experience. The differences in practice do not mean that any method is better than the other. However, the patient usually discharge on the first postoperative day and his dressing is changed or removed. There is usually no serious pain after surgery; mild pain that can be controlled by painkillers can be expected. Day and night headband is applied for one week; If the next few weeks, the headband is only required to be worn at night. As children start school one week later, adults can return to work early. Physical activity is restricted for 10-14 days and contact spores are restricted for at least one month. The follow-up visits, which are planned more frequently in the first weeks after the surgery, are usually repeated at the third and 12th months. By this time, the scar on the back of the ear gradually decreases. Since the incisions remain behind the ear, the scar is camouflaged and does not usually cause cosmetic problems.


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