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Pectoral Implants

Beauty is not just for women. Nowadays men also are caring about their beauty like having a strong and masculine body. One of the most difficult muscles to develop is a pectoral muscle or chest muscle, especially known to people who are interested in bodybuilding. The maximum volume of muscle is genetically determined and despite […]

Beauty is not just for women. Nowadays men also are caring about their beauty like having a strong and masculine body.

One of the most difficult muscles to develop is a pectoral muscle or chest muscle, especially known to people who are interested in bodybuilding. The maximum volume of muscle is genetically determined and despite serious sports, it may not be possible for the person to reach the desired form. In order to increase the volume of muscle after this stage, the individual may refer to hormonal treatments such as anabolic steroid and testosterone, but most people do not want treatment because they cause serious health problems. As a result, the pectoral implant application is an operation that can be performed with the aim of breast aesthetics in men who are not satisfied with the volume and appearance of the chest muscles.

One of the most disturbing conditions especially for young men is male breast growth (gynecomastia). It is possible to take a more masculine breast appearance with pectoral implant application during the treatment of this problem.


Men who desire pectoral implants often want to have a more muscular appearance in the abdomen because they are individuals who are engaged in sports, and care about the body image. This two application (pectoral implants+abdomen liposuction) can be done together at the same time.


Who can undergo pectoral implants?

Male breast muscle aesthetic surgery, also called pectoral implant, is a method used in male patients who want to have more masculine lines in the chest area. Patients who are referring to plastic surgeons for this procedure are usually included in one of four groups:


Pectoral Implant Application is most commonly performed in male patients who do not achieve adequate development of the chest muscles despite intensive exercise (in some body types, obtaining the Lift and shape of the muscles is not as easy as in others) or simply wanting to take the same image without doing exercise. Some men have a tendency to be full in the lower part genetically compared to the upper part of the chest (although these people may not get a change in the muscle mass despite an increase in muscle mass) and this may cause a disproportionate appearance in the chest. With the application of pectoral implants, this disproportion can be eliminated and a more attractive appearance can be obtained.

Another group of patients is those who have deformity called as Poland Syndrome due to partial or complete development of congenital pectoral muscle (chest muscle). Pectoral implants performed on these patients have a positive effect on their psychology due to the improvement of body images.

With the application of pectoral implants, the volume of the muscle can be increased in cases where the chest muscles are reduced (atrophy) after the trauma or congenital damage of the nerves, which originate from the neck area and the arm muscles and the hand region.

Impairment caused by damage to the chest muscle due to excessive exercise can be treated with pectoral implant applications.


Operation and post process

Pectoral implant application differs significantly from breast cancer surgery in women. Breast implants applied for breast enlargement in women are soft and breast tissue consistency and pectoral implants are designed to increase the volume of the chest muscles.


Pectoral implant application is a technical operation which must be applied in the hospital and in the operation room conditions by a qualified plastic surgeon in body shaping and breast implant applications. Pectoral implant surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. The pectoral implant is placed behind the breast muscle with an incision made under the armpit and bandage is applied on the chest. After this procedure, which usually lasts 1-1.5 hours, the patient can stay in a hospital environment for one night or go home the same day in according to doctor advice.


Pectoral implants are made of hard silicone and are placed behind the muscle (as in women) called implant capsule contracture.


One week after the operation, people who have done surgery can start a mild exercise, and from the third week onwards, upper body exercises can be performed easily. Starting from the sixth week after the operation, it is possible to restart the heavy bodybuilding programs.


Pectoral implants are considered as a suitable method for the breast area to become more masculine and attractive in male patients, whose expectation is reasonable and ready for the recovery period.


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