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Diseases occurring in the beech area are generally diagnosed as health problems hidden in the community and are not diagnosed in the early period. Nowadays, the health and quality of life can be increased by a number of measures such as specific treatment methods, medical and surgical practices, and lifestyle changes. Proctological disorders, also called […]

Diseases occurring in the beech area are generally diagnosed as health problems hidden in the community and are not diagnosed in the early period. Nowadays, the health and quality of life can be increased by a number of measures such as specific treatment methods, medical and surgical practices, and lifestyle changes.

Proctological disorders, also called anorectal diseases, anal region or breech area diseases, are treated in our International Aesthetic with the experienced surgical team, advanced technology devices, and multidisciplinary approach.

Proctological diseases are common health problems in the world. The most important reasons for this; There is still life, lack of regular exercise habits, low consumption of fruits and vegetables, lack of drinking water in a sufficient amount of water and preference of a meat-based cuisine. The most common proctological diseases in the world; hemorrhoid, anal fissure, perianal fistula, perianal abscess, and pilonidal sinus.


The main complaints in this disease are; pain, discharge, and bleeding. Bleeding in the breech area causes a great concern. Some people apply to the physician during a very early period, while others are afraid of fear. When patients experience these symptoms, they may think that they have cancer first. Rectal tumors at the exit of the rectal site may also cause bleeding, but this symptom is different in hemorrhoid disease, more painless.

Although it is common, hemorrhoid disease is misunderstood in society. Each person has three hemorrhoid cushions with both arteries and veins. These cushions help to keep feces and gas. Over time, the disease occurs when the hemorrhoids slide down from the hanging area. The disease is staged at four degrees. In the first and second degree, the hemorrhoidal disease is mainly an itch, lingerie polluting current and bleeding. In the third phase, while the masses are more out of the breach, they go out completely in the fourth phase and become drowned with sphincters and prevent the transformation of blood flow. This can prevent the patient from sitting. Patients usually refer to the physician in the last phase. Some of these patients may also have a rectum tumor.



Anal fissure arising in the fracture of the rectal region is located below the so-called toothed line and is very painful. This discomfort can be seen in people of all ages due to defecation or diarrhea. An anal fissure can usually be controlled by drug therapy. It is defined as chronic anal fissure “in the case of recurrence after 6-8 weeks of treatment and lifestyle change. In this case, some surgical procedures can be improved. Patients with a chronic anal fissure with a minor amount of bleeding and inflammation may avoid excretion due to pain. The pain can last for hours and does not go with painkillers.


It is a disease that is caused by inflammation and the swelling and pain around the rectal region by enlarging the inflammation of the glands which help the big feces to be released easily. It can also be seen in general condition and inflammatory bowel diseases. A self-eruption of the abscess or drainage by the surgeon results in perianal fistula in the breech region. Therefore, it is important that the feces is emptied from the right place. Otherwise, the resulting fistula is associated with the sphincters, resulting in a complex perianal fistula.


The perianal abscesses, which are thought to be based on genetic factors, may be in everyone. There are crypts in the breech area. There are bacteria in the blinded crypts. One gram of stool can be one trillion bacteria. It can develop abscess in this region and explode and explode in relation to sphincters in the breech region. Abscesses can spontaneously explode and can be drained surgically. However, perianal fistula develops after all. The complexity of this complex is divided into two types as simple and complex. A colon-rectum surgeon should be consulted for treatment. Generally, the preoperative anal nanometric examination is of great importance in patients undergoing repeated treatment. It should be kept in mind that more than one operation can be provided in complex cases following the examinations.


Pilonidal sinus is more common in the deeper ones in the internal area, in the deeper meat, in the overweight patients, in the body hair, and in more people. There are also theories such as the bristling of the hair inward or friction inward, but the reason is not known. Although there are some methods such as sclerosing agent injections and laser therapies in the control of this non-surgical treatment option, surgical treatment is generally effective. In the surgery called Limberg flap, it is closed after removal of the diseased area with the rotation flap made from the hip. The internal part is flattened by mounting it on the right or left hip. Known recurrence is at least the current surgical technique.


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