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Pubis Liposuction & Scrotoplasty & Girth Enhancement

Pubis liposuction + Scrotoplasty + Girth Enhancement Pubis Liposuction In most of the people who have pubis area fatting make their penis to seem smaller than normal as the sit their penis will go back under the suprapubic fatting area. When we do liposuction on this area and take out extra fats the part of […]

Pubis liposuction + Scrotoplasty + Girth Enhancement

Pubis Liposuction

In most of the people who have pubis area fatting make their penis to seem smaller than normal as the sit their penis will go back under the suprapubic fatting area. When we do liposuction on this area and take out extra fats the part of penis which went under this fat comes out and already we approach at least 1 cm lenghter result. After purification we can use this fat for girth enhancement.

SCROTOPLASTY (Scrotum lifting and reduction procedures):
It might be possible to see loosening, growing and widening in scrotum (It’s common among the patients with varicocele, hydrocele, inguinal and scrotal hernia history). This growth in the scrotum may cause problems such as rash due to dontact, pain, excessive sweating in genital area, skin chafing and pain during sexual activity. If they are bothering the person within social life (sitting, standing up, doing sports etc.) or causing loss of self esteem, scrotoplasty may be conducted..



I usually use this procedure in order to reduce the hypersensitivity of the penis in the patients with premature ejaculation. It can also be applied to give the penile glans a thicker and round look. Especially the hypersensitivity of the penile glans may cause premature ejaculation. In this procedure which is quite an easy one, a filling (hyaluronic acid) is injected in the penile glans and this provides a growth in the size of penile glans. As a result, hypersensitivity of the penis is reduced. The effect of the filling continues between 6 months and 1 year. A little growth in the penile glans remains permanently. I get very successful results with this therapy in the patients with premature ejaculation due to hypersensitivity of the penis.

In genital area and sexual life, the most sensitive areas are penis glans, frenilum right under the penis glans and the area between the bottom of the penis and scrotum called penoscrotal. These areas might be more sensitive in some male individuals. The male individuals with premature ejaculation problem due to this type of sensitivity can have various surgical procedures such as phreniloplasty, norotomy, scrotoplasty, y-v plasty along with sexual therapy..


Girth Enhancement

International Aesthetic doctors usually prefer autologous fat transplant which means using the fats obtained from the patient himself/herself. The areas I mostly use to obtain fat (as donor) are suprapubic (bottom part of the penis), abdomen and medial thigh area.

Afterwards, the adipose tissue obtained is purified by centrifuging (3000 rpm for 3 minutes in Coleman, 2007). Using slower centrifuge speed and decreased amount of time is important to keep the fat (therefore, we usually prefer 1000 rpm and 2 minutes)
Following this step, the purified adipose tissue is transplanted. It’s spreaded homogenously under the skin of the penis. After the operation, fat migration and asymmetry that might occur due to erection are prevented through the use of an elastic penis bandage of sufficient length. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) prepared by taking around 20 cc of blood can also be used for penis thickening.
Fat loss rate in six months is between 30-40%. Penis thickness doesn’t change after six months. Taking the fat loss into account, I conduct more adipose tissue injection during thickening operations.

Sometimes it combines with penis lenghtening.

Majority of my patients would like to have these two procedures (enlargement + thickening) at the same time. We also recommend having the two procedures at the same time in order to maintain the width-length ratio and and aesthetic of the penis.


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