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Varicose Veins Treatment

What is varicose? What are the symptoms of varicose veins? The varicose veins are seen as blue, enlarged and folded under the skin. Initially, swelling may occur as a result of dilation of the veins, but large varicose veins may be formed and varicose veins may develop. Although varicose veins are mostly seen in the […]

What is varicose? What are the symptoms of varicose veins?

The varicose veins are seen as blue, enlarged and folded under the skin. Initially, swelling may occur as a result of dilation of the veins, but large varicose veins may be formed and varicose veins may develop. Although varicose veins are mostly seen in the first years, it may cause pain later. Swelling of the legs occurs if venous insufficiency develops. If there is a clot in the varicose veins (thrombophlebitis), pain, swelling, and redness occur in the legs.

Varicosities are more common in women than men. The incidence increases with advancing age.


Cause varicose veins?

Many factors play a role in the mechanism of varicose formation. Pregnancy, obesity, standing for a long time, some occupations, being a woman, birth control pills and hormone treatments, wearing narrow clothes, constipation, aging and genetic factors may cause varicose veins.

Varicose veins occur as a result of insufficiency in the vein valve. Blood escapes back and ponds. This leads to increased pressure in the vein and swelling. Over time, expansion in the vein increases and curves. Varicose veins may occur at any level of the veins. There may be venous insufficiency in the groin, but there may be lower limb insufficiency. Sometimes the heir may be the cause of a clot. Behind the occluded vein, blood flows and the vein expands.


What are the symptoms of varicose?

The main complaints caused by the varicose veins are:

  • Blue-purple bumps on the legs
  • Pain
  • A feeling of weight on the legs
  • Swelling of the legs
  • Drowsiness in the legs
  • Itching


Are varicose varieties?

Varicose veins; Capillaries are divided into three as varicose veins, reticular varices, and large veins. Capillaries are called telangiectasia. These varicose veins are usually the result of cracking of capillaries. They look like a spider web. They are frequently seen in young women using pregnancy and hormones.

Reticular varices are rather swollen and blue in the skin around the knee and around the ankle.

Large vein varicose veins occur as a result of large vein failure in the leg called saphenous vein. They are very fluffy and greenish from the skin. They show all varicose symptoms.

Does he/she have problems?

In the beginning, only varicose veins, which are disturbing as images; severe pain in the leg, inflammation of the vein, rupture of the varicose veins and clots in the varicose veins and thrombus (pulmonary embolism) can lead to such situations.

How is varicose vein treatment done?

Removal of varicose veins is the most traditional method. However, it is both cumbersome and takes a long time to heal. Correcting the heir by giving foam into the vein is another method of vascular sclerotherapy. However, there is a high probability of recurrence of varicose in this method.

In the laser treatment method, a catheter is inserted into the vessel and a beam is sent from the laser device and the vessel is burned. In the radiofrequency method, radio waves are sent to the vein with the help of a catheter. At this time, a heat is formed and the vein is burned. During this procedure, only local anesthesia is used and patients can get out of the day treatment.

How to prevent varicose veins development?

  • Regular exercise (running, walking, cycling, swimming)
  • Standing or sitting for a long time
  • Excess of weight
  • Sitting for a long time with legs crossed
  • Not wearing tight and tight clothing
  • To choose comfortable shoes instead of heeled shoes
  • Protect from constipation, consume high-fiber foods
  • Rest for a long time with the legs raised
  • Hot springs facilitate the formation of varicose veins with the effect of heat and increase complaints.
  • Professionals who require standing or those who have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins can use socks.
  • It may be useful to massage the other parts of the leg, not directly on the masts.
  • It is useful to get up and go around on trips that need to be settled for a long time.
  • If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, it is recommended that you consult your nearest health facility without delay.

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