Alanya / Antalya, Ankara, Istanbul
Dr. Hamid Reza M.D

Doctor Detail

Op. Dr. Alireza Samani was borned in Tabriz in 1971. He finishe his medicine education as one of top 10th students in Tebriz medicine faculty and certified as a doctor. He had the dream of being plastic surgeon so he participated in TUS exam in 2002 and as only foreign student could pass this exam successfully and continued his study in plastic surgery faculty and became as reonstructive and plastic surgeon assistant. At 2008 after becoming a plastic surgeon could have done successfully a few surgeries which are rae and hard. And the most important thing is he could do succefully the cross-leg replantation surgery for the 3 years old child who had accident and had to spend all rest of life on the wheelchair.
Between 2008-2012 he focused more on chin and face surgeries and enetred to these surgeries as assistant and increased his experience in maxillofacial surgery, and in 2011 has passed the two-step European Plastic Surgery Board exam and has been awarded the European Union Plastic Surgery (EBOPRAS) certified doctor.In 2013, he started to work at the University of Amasya Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin Training and Research Hospital. From 2018 , he continued his career with Internatıonal Aesthetic proffecional team.


Who We Are
International Aesthetic continues to add quality to your life with offering services in aesthetic surgery, cosmetic, beauty, medical procedures and urology since 2012. Our doctors performed thousands of operations in the institutes and academies abroad in American and European countries and they have been well-experienced in different cases. They had shortened the duration of stay in Turkey and time of recovery even in high-risk operations by choosing closed methods in surgical procedures.
  • Why Us?
  • We make you feel safe in the health care system with our experience for so many years, well-known surgeons group, high quality, and reasonable costs. Our goal is to help you to get the best treatments for reasonable costs. We work with the best hotels, doctors and unique comfortable hospitals with JCI accreditation. Just let us know about your requests and leave everything in our hands, we will organize all your needs in the perfect ways. Our professional experts will arrange to give the best medical package in the highest quality hotels and hospitals in Turkey. You will feel like in home and you will spend a different lifetime without homesickness.

  • Why Turkey?
  • For so many years Turkey has been started to raise up its quality in the health care system. At the moment, Turkey is one of the best medical service suppliers in the World. Turkey has high-quality hospitals and well-experienced doctors in addition to very nice weather and much more reasonable costs than Europe and US. Most of the people from other countries prefer to have done their medical treatments in Turkey and have their holiday at the same time.

  • Your Advantages
  • If you want to experience luxury services and have the good result of your treatment, you are in the right place. With high-level treatment services in the modern hospitals and hotels approach to the great look you deserve. Finally, spend time in the fantastic weather for a few days don’t leave any excuse to avoid choosing Turkey as your medical traveling target country.