International Medisun Hospital

International Medisun Hospital

International Aesthetic Health Group provides high quality and VIP service to individual aesthetic needs with its clinical and medical centers located in  Ankara and Antalya. Smart clinic, d infrastructure, service offered within well-equipped..

Ankara International Medisun Hospital

Private Medisun Çayyolu Hospital was established on a closed area of ​​4.000 m2; It has a capacity of 75 patient beds, 2 operating rooms, 1 local surgery room, 15 neonatal intensive care units, 11 general intensive care units, 4 coronary intensive care units. In our in-patient services, there are disabled rooms that can meet all needs of disabled patients, easily accessible disabled washbasins and waiting rooms in common areas.

In our hospital; Within the framework of the Ministry of Health Service Quality Standards (SKS), we adopted the principle of continuous, fast and reliable service based on patient and employee safety. For this purpose; 7/24 Emergency and Ambulance Services; Our policlinic services that we have determined working periods according to need with our staff consisting of specialists in the field; In our Imaging Center, we provide uninterrupted service with 1,5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance (MR), Computed Tomography, Digital X-ray, Mammography, Bone Densitometry, Panoramic X-ray, Ultrasound devices and fully equipped Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratory.

Sağlık It is preferred by healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields to work; To be a health institution that comes first in their minds in every situation that patients and their relatives need and is shown as a reference in every field it serves. Since our establishment, we have exhibited a quality service understanding by acting with team spirit in order to raise the standard of living of the people of the region and eliminate the health problems they face. In the following years, with this understanding and our growing staff, we will continue our work by increasing, realizing our growth goals step by step, we will continue our way as a reference hospital in health.