In order to understand the abdominal stretching procedure, we must first define the anatomy of the abdomen that is considered aesthetically pleasing. What we mean by aesthetic abdominal anatomy; The anatomy of the abdominal muscles on both sides of the umbilicus, where the lateral waist curves are prominent, the slight concavity on the belly and […]


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In order to understand the abdominal stretching procedure, we must first define the anatomy of the abdomen that is considered aesthetically pleasing.

What we mean by aesthetic abdominal anatomy; The anatomy of the abdominal muscles on both sides of the umbilicus, where the lateral waist curves are prominent, the slight concavity on the belly and the partial convexity under the umbilicus. With these features, the shape of the recesses and protrusions is very similar to a tulip figure.

Whether you are eligible for this surgery or not is the most important issue to be answered at the decision stage. As a matter of fact, even a 50-year-old woman who has had a very good skin elasticity due to the genetic properties can only make a liposuction. It is certainly best to decide what is appropriate for who. Here we will share some important information you need to know for the decision-making process.

Abdominal stretching is performed in two patients;

Pregnancy after sagging (and fat) in the abdomen

In the abdominal skin cracks and looseness after fast weight gain

Abdominal stretching surgery, as we thought not only to remove excess skin but also liposuction of excess fat on the sides and the belly, especially after the repair and separation of abdominal muscles, we consider it as a whole, including back region. Therefore, it is not enough to form a tense and straight anatomy on the anterior abdominal wall, and we try to form where the lateral waist curves are deepened and the curves become clear. After this type of classical surgery, the part of the abdominal anterior wall under the umbilicus was flat and tense, while the area above the umbilicus and the side waist regions (because the excess lubrication was not removed) seemed swollen and protruding. In addition, in terms of the size, surgical procedure performed; After the classic abdominal stretching surgery, there was already a decrease in the blood circulation due to Lift and nutritional disorders in the abdomen and consequently the healing problems. The lipoabdominoplasty surgery, which we used together with tummy tuck surgery and liposuction, brings out more aesthetic results and eliminates such problems.

How is lipoabdominoplasty done?

Lipoabdominoplasty; It is an operation that requires a rest period of 5 to 7 days. The surgery starts with liposuction and we take the excess fat so that the skin is thinner, it allows us to get easier contours, and it is stretched more easily because the base is loosened. Then, by entering the lower limit of the amount of skin we will remove, we prepare a tunnel along the lower and upper points of the abdominal muscles, which are relaxed at the midline and separated from each other. Thus, the abdominal area is separated from the abdominal muscles due to the deterioration of the swelling and the appearance of the front of the abdominal wall gives a fit look. Get a fit look on the abdominal front wall. In fact, this joining process also provides clarity in the side waist curves. Finally, we remove the excess of the skin which is dropping and which is more relaxed with liposuction and we adopt the remaining skin down to the cut line. We design the shape, length, and level of the incision line according to your preferred underwear shape before the operation. So the trace remains under the clothes.

Lipoabdominoplasty is one of the major aesthetic operations. The most important issue after surgery; to become active in the early period. Therefore, we initiate the first eating and drinking process 6 hours after the operation, and we allow you to do your first walks in the room. It is very important that you do not restrict your physical movements after unnecessary worries. What patients are most afraid of; If I move, my seams will be damaged “. Especially what we need to mention; You can do physical activities enough to do your daily needs without making physical movements for the first few days. This situation; Unlike what you think it will accelerate your healing process. After the first 24 hours, you can now move to the point that you can do enough to do. Two days hospital stay is usually enough. In combined surgery, this period should be increased to 3 days. During the hospital stay, we provide both antibiotics and painkiller medications, which continues after the surgery in tablet form.

Abdominal stretching is a painful operation?

It would be wrong to say that lipoabdominoplasty is a painless procedure, but what is important here is the answer to the question of after how long you will feel pain. The Lift that causes pain immediately after surgery is the combination of the muscles in the anterior abdominal wall. The severity of this Lift-related pain is greatly reduced after the first 24 hours. However, because you spend this time in the hospital, we give you pain relief medication for your pain.


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How long after the abdominal stretching operation is returned to normal life?

6 hours after the operation, we want our patient to stand up and walks in his room even if it is a short distance. Although this first walk is not very long, it is very important for the beginning of the healing process. The next day in the morning, we want to walk easily to the service corridor. After the first 24 hours, we do not want to be bed-dependent, we want to do enough walking to do the daily work. The first one week, although the Lift due to surgery can be felt partially. However, this Lift is not enough to prevent one’s daily life. Only the first 1 week to get up and straight out of bed to take more slow and careful. It is possible to return to work after 1 week.

What are the risks of abdominal stretching?

As we mentioned before, this operation is a bigger operation than the other cosmetic operations, the operation time is long, the liposuction is done, of course, the risk is not zero, but you know what the risks are, and a safe operation before and after the process takes place according to him. Infection and hemorrhage are the risks we have in every surgery, but we don’t see them too often. In order to prevent infection, we treat antibiotics, to prevent bleeding, we place a drain in a rigorous surgery and drain to prevent the accumulation of blood in the operation area. It is not a difficult process to resist, but the benefit is pretty much.

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