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Our Hospital

International Aesthetic Health Group provides high quality and VIP service to individual aesthetic needs with its clinical and medical centers located in  Ankara and Antalya. Smart clinic, d infrastructure, service offered within well-equipped..

Alanya Anatolia International Hospital

It is a medical center consisting of related branches (ENT-EYE-NEUROPSYCHIATRY-INTERNAL MEDICINE-NEUROLOGY) specialist physicians and flight physicians doing periodical health examinations of pilots regarding the rules of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) covering the whole world and Joint Aviation Regulation JAR-FCL 3 covering the European countries with authorization of MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION/GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF CIVIL AVIATION.

A flight physician authorized by General Directorate of Civil Aviation (GDCV) acts as the head of this health board and ensures that ICAO and JAR-FCL 3 rules are applied to decisions made by the health board. Also is responsible for the evaluation of results, the signing of certificates and reports. In our center, besides first/periodic medical examinations of pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, dispatchers, air traffic controllers, load masters and cabin crew, also the health examination necessary to use vehicle at the apron is being done.


After 1. July. 2005, changes were made by GDCV within the scope of the examinations, and the 1st and 2nd class first and periodic examinations were separated with these changes.

In addition to this, by the changes made, the periodic examinations which differ according to age and class are different in every referral and this is reflected in the prices accordingly.

With receiving the authority of periodical inspection as of 06/14/2011, Private Antalya Anatolian Hospital continues to provide services to pilots and pilot candidates in pilotage examinations with ever increasing quality.