Penile Lengthening and Girth Enhancement

Penile Lengthening and Girth Enhancement

Penis, or in other words, phallus means sexual power for male individuals. Even in the artefacts in the history, male individuals are mentioned with their penises. Some sexual disciplines (kama sutra) mentions the importance of size of penis as well. These surgeries which are becoming more and more common worldwide are applied completely upon request […]

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Penile Lengthening and Girth Enhancement

Penile Lengthening and Girth Enhancement

Penis, or in other words, phallus means sexual power for male individuals. Even in the artefacts in the history, male individuals are mentioned with their penises. Some sexual disciplines (kama sutra) mentions the importance of size of penis as well.

These surgeries which are becoming more and more common worldwide are applied completely upon request of the person as in nose job (rhinoplasty) or a mammaplasty surgery.

Unfortunately, male individuals who especially has problems about the size of their penises might have both material and moral losses using various products or devices. The only way for penis enlargement is cosmetic surgical procedures.

Every man checks his penis few times a day. An aesthetical problem about a man’s penis (length, thickness etc.) might lead to problems in his personality, psychological status and, sexual dysfunctions.

Apart from that, I’m using cosmetic penis surgery procedures also in the situations such as curvature of the penis, natural impotency (penile prothesis applications etc.), treatment of rapid ejaculation (glans enlargement through glans injection, frenuloplasty etc.), some scrotum surgeries (scrotoplasty etc.), fixing circumcision mistakes.

Types of Penis and Genital Area Aesthetics? 

• Penis enlargement
• Penis thickening
• Penis enlargement + thickening
• Penoscrotal Webbing Correction (Correction of Penoscrotal Webbing/Ventral phalloplasty)
• Scrotoplasty (Scrotal lift)
• Micropenis Treatment
• treatments for curvature and/or pain (peyronie’s) during erection
• various surgical procedures used for the treatment of erection problems (impotance)
• procedures used for the treatment of premature ejaculation
• Circumcision, and procedures used to fix faults of circumcision

What Is the Normal Size of a Penis?

This is completely up to the person. There are no standard data regarding penis size or thickness. I don’t want to confuse you by providing tables with regard to penis size. The important thing is the person being in peace with his penis. If an aesthetical problem, shortness or thinness of your penis is bothering you, then cosmetic surgeries can be used. The exception for this Situation is micropenis. Micropenis is the Situation where erected penis size is under 7-8 centimeters. Micropenis is typically seen in the male patients with hypogonadism and the hormonal condition (fsh, lh, testosterone, estrad1ol and prolactin etc.) should be examined. Hormonal and surgical treatment can be applied when needed.

Since coitus is only possible with an erected penis, the important thing is the length and thickness of the erected penis. A penis with 2-3 cm length in flask state can erect up to 15-16 cm or a 8-9 cm penis can become 12 cm during erection.

Penis size depends on genetics and origins. Typically under 11-12 cm during erection is considered small. Penis thickness is around 10-13 cm during erection (According to the researchers of King’s College in London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, average penis size is 9,16 cm, erected penis size is 13,12 cm).


I have experience various surgery techniques during penis enlargement operations. The most successful one is the technique called reverse V-Y plasty and ligamentolysis that is based on loosening ligaments erecting the penis. Ventral phalloplasty can also be added depending on the condition. In other words, on penoscrotal area which is the connection point of penis and scrotum; z-plasty, c-y plasty or skin grafts can be used (average 1.5-4 enlargement)

Penis enlargement depends and is related to the persons’s anatomy and last but not least, the thickness of ligaments. The thicker ligaments are, the more the penis can be enlarged.
Abdominal liposuction, suprapubic lipectomy should also be added (it should especially be added for the patients with concealed penis). Here the purpose is to get rid of the extra fat tissue covering the bottom part of the penis called proximal and to fix the abdominal eminentia (in total there will be an enlargement between 2-5 cm).


I usually prefer autologous fat transplant which means using the fats obtained from the patient himself/herself. The areas I mostly use to obtain fat (as donor) are suprapubic (bottom part of the penis), abdomen and medial thigh area.

Afterwards, the adipose tissue obtained is purified by centrifuging (3000 rpm for 3 minutes in Coleman, 2007). Using slower centrifuge speed and decreased amount of time is important to keep the fat (therefore, I usually prefer 1000 rpm and 2 minutes) Following this step, the purified adipose tissue is transplanted. It’s spreaded homogenously under the skin of the penis. After the operation, fat migration and asymmetry that might occur due to erection are prevented through the use of an elastic penis bandage of sufficient length. Pplatelet-rich plasma prepared by taking around 20 cc of blood can also be used for penis thickening.

Fat loss rate in six months is between 30-40%. Penis thickness doesn’t change after six months. Taking the fat loss into account, I conduct more adipose tissue injection during thickening operations.


Emergency Cases

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You can reach us from our phone numbers 24/7. We are happy to support you.


Majority of my patients would like to have these two procedures (enlargement + thickening) at the same time. I also recommend having the two procedures at the same time in order to maintain the width-length ratio and and aesthetic of the penis.

Local anaesthesia + sedation or general anaesthesia depending on the preference of the patient is preferred as the anaesthesia type. Patients are released after the operation on the same day. They can continue their routine activities after 1 – 2 days of rest..
Patients are asked to avoid any type of sexual activities for 4 – 5 weeks following the procedure (including masturbation).

Times of procedures (operation time):

• Penis enlargement: around 45-50 minutes
• Penis thickening: around 50-60 minutes
• Penis enlargement + thickening: around 80-90 minutes..


• The range for penis enlargement is between 1.5 adn 4 cm. The variety here depends on the Characteristics of ligaments, in other words on depth, length and width. If it is thicker, then it is better. (Basal penis ultrasound provides partly display of suspensor ligament and allows us to know the possible length range to be added)

• 25-35% increase can be achieved in the width of the penis after penis thickening operations. The variety here depends on the personal Characteristics. It’s related with the metabolic status, lifestyle, anatomic structure (a wider area between corpus and fartos of the penis provides better results) of the patient

• The range for the generally preferred penis enlargement + penis thickening (together with suprapubic lipectomy) operation I mostly apply is between 2 – 5 cm.

• Erection angle may decrease a bit after the operation.


This is one of the frequently asked questions. There will ne no change at all after these operations in erection. I’ve been involved in and conducted plenty of these operations both in Turkey and abroad. We haven’t seen any problems like this with any patients so far..
I use surgical loupe during these operations. And I use laser which is very accountable for the separation of ligaments. This way the structures maintaining the erection, nerves and venes (neurovascular bundle) can be preserved easily. There is also no loss of sensation in the penis.

There is always a risk not only in penis enlargement operations, but also in any type of penis and prostate operations. The important thing here is the knowledge of the surgeon conducting the operation on genital area and especially the anatomy of penis and the surgeon’s experience in this type of operations..


– Injury of erectile structures, nerves and venes
– Decrease in the elevation angle of erected penis
– Penis instabilitesi
– Poor healing (v-y plasty, z plasty)
– Unsolvable (unresorbing) hematom
– Excessive fat loss (Normally 30-40% of the fats injected for penis thickening will be absorbed by the body in 6 months. This loss might be more sometimes.)
– Fat migration and nodule formation
– Deformities (asymmetry and curvature of penis)

Actually all undesired complications and results are caused due to insufficient surgery techniques and ack of experience. Therefore, this type of operations should be conducted by specialist and experienced surgeons on this area and the anatomy.

SCROTOPLASTY (Scrotum lifting and reduction procedures):

It might be possible to see loosening, growing and widening in scrotum (It’s common among the patients with varicocele, hydrocele, inguinal and scrotal hernia history). This growth in the scrotum may cause problems such as rash due to dontact, pain, excessive sweating in genital area, skin chafing and pain during sexual activity. If they are bothering the person within social life (sitting, standing up, doing sports etc.) or causing loss of self esteem, scrotoplasty may be conducted..


I usually use this procedure in order to reduce the hypersensitivity of the penis in the patients with premature ejaculation. It can also be applied to give the penile glans a thicker and round look. Especially the hypersensitivity of the penile glans may cause premature ejaculation. In this procedure which is quite an easy one, a filling (hyaluronic acid) is injected in the penile glans and this provides a growth in the size of penile glans. As a result, hypersensitivity of the penis is reduced. The effect of the filling continues between 6 months and 1 year. A little growth in the penile glans remains permanently. I get very successful results with this therapy in the patients with premature ejaculation due to hypersensitivity of the penis.

In genital area and sexual life, the most sensitive areas are penis glans, frenilum right under the penis glans and the area between the bottom of the penis and scrotum called penoscrotal. These areas might be more sensitive in some male individuals. The male individuals with premature ejaculation problem due to this type of sensitivity can have various surgical procedures such as phreniloplasty, norotomy, scrotoplasty, y-v plasty along with sexual therapy..

Why International Aesthetic Health Group?

We make you feel safe in the health care system with our experience for so many years, well-known surgeons group, high quality, and reasonable costs. Our goal is to help you to get the best treatments for reasonable costs. We work with the best hotels, doctors and unique comfortable hospitals with JCI accreditation.

Just let us know about your requests and leave everything in our hands, we will organize all your needs in the perfect ways. Our professional experts will arrange to give the best medical package in the highest quality hotels and hospitals in Turkey. You will feel like in home and you will spend a different lifetime without homesickness.

For so many years Turkey has been started to raise up its quality in the health care system. At the moment, Turkey is one of the best medical service suppliers in the World. 

Turkey has high-quality hospitals and well-experienced doctors in addition to very nice weather and much more reasonable costs than Europe and US. Most of the people from other countries prefer to have done their medical treatments in Turkey and have their holiday at the same time.A


If you want to experience luxury services and have the good result of your treatment, you are in the right place. With high-level treatment services in the modern hospitals and hotels approach to the great look you deserve. Finally, spend time in the fantastic weather for a few days don’t leave any excuse to avoid choosing Turkey as your medical traveling target country.

100cc oil is taken from the patient by liposuction in the operating room environment. The abdomen and inner thigh are generally preferred areas for fat transfer in liposuction. The fat is treated and 40-50 cc pure fat are injected all around the penis.

Yes, it can be repeated. It is your own oil, it does not cause any problems.

No, in this application, erection and urinary tract parts of the penis are completely protected. In the long term after the procedure, neither deformity nor an erection problem occurs.

No. No enlargement is performed to the glans, the head of the penis. 

After the operation in 2-3 weeks, you can go back to your sex life.

After 2-3 weeks of operation, you can start to masturbate.

No, it is a not painful procedure.

With the injection of fat, an enlargement of the penis from 8-9 cm to 16-17 cm is observed. But it should be kept in mind that there will be some thinning with the melting of the fats later. 

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