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About Malek

Malek Hanna is a US based consultant and brand ambassador for International Aesthetic/Turkish Division.

Malek has over 15+ years of experience dealing with hair restoration.

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He is well versed with the latest advancements in hair regrowth along with the array of procedures one considers when choosing a method that best suits a client’s needs in order to maximize hair growth and guarantee desired results.

Malek guides you through the process from the initial consultation, surgery and follow-up through services provided in Turkey and in Los Angeles.

Rest assured, you will be in the best hands with the leading experts in the field of hair restoration.  All our physicians are credentialed specialists with over 20+ years of experience.

Malek Hanna is a U.S based consultant for International Aesthetic/Turkish Divison.
He will assist with any medical inquiries and facilitate pre and post op logistics so that all U.S patients feel confident and comfortable with their procedure in Turkey.
Malek is Los Angeles based and is available for in person and/or remote consults.
Implementing the latest technologies, advanced medicine has made it easier for patients to enjoy medical tourism in Turkey with the most well respected physicians in the region for a fraction of the cost one would pay in the US.

You can message or email Malek directly on “what’s app” and start your free consult. We look forward to welcoming you to Turkey and to provide you with exceptional service and results!

For more information and to get a free consultation, text and/or email Malek with any questions you may have along with pictures of areas of concern.

+ 1 917 373 1777
[email protected]


Emergency Cases

+90 (536) 675 32 60

You can reach us from our phone numbers 24/7. We are happy to support you.

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